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The Postal Service’s Atlanta Distribution Center is under review for employees' inefficient and mistaken handling of mail.
NAA Chairman James M. Moroney III, NAA believes this decision is contrary to law, and will challenge it immediately...
PRC Commissioner, Tony Hammond, voted against the NSA - He stated there was “too much evidence...presented..."
Newspapers Protest Postal Service Discounts to Colossus Valassis
In a move to be appealed by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), the Postal Service will discount postage for Valassis Communications Inc. direct mail on behalf of certain national retailers, such as ailing JCPenney, by 34%. Valassis has promised to up its annual volume by one million pieces in the next year with a new mailing featuring major retail advertisers with physical retail outlets in exchange for the price break on such mailings. The discount will apply to this program and Valassis must maintain its prior volume and not move advertisers from other campaigns to this new one. 

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Need for Innovation

Private and public sector players in the postal industry share a need for new ideas. Digital communication and electronic transmission of bills and payments have produced substantial reductions in letter volume. Nevertheless, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, greeting card, and similar communications continue to depend on postal service to reach their targets. Additionally, expansions in ecommerce markets require efficient parcel delivery service.



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